How long will it take for my SaniGo kit to arrive?

It should take 48 hours from your order. We have had some delivery services report delays due to the current busy period, so we recommend giving yourself a comfortable window of time for your kit to arrive before you travel. 

All orders are shipped from our warehouses on the day of purchase and we have chosen couriers to deliver in the quickest timeframe possible.


Can I buy a travel kit at the airport?

Not at the moment. We believe a safe trip starts at home before you leave, so have built our current service to delivery this. We are however investigating stocking with airport retailers for the convenience of all passengers.


Can I take my SaniGo kit on the aircraft in my hand luggage?

Yes. All the items in your kit are designed to pass security and transport checks. We made our kits with your ease in mind, so it is lightweight and compact with everything you need to travel safe, in one place.


What do I get in my kit?

Your travel protection kit has quality essential items to make your next journey a safe one:

  • 1 sterilised seat cover made of quality, non-woven material
  • 3 face masks made from 3-ply non-woven material for superior protection
  • 2 pairs of protective gloves made from durable material
  • 3 sachets of anti-bacterial wet wipes
  • 1 anti-bacterial, non-rinse, non-sticky hand sanitizer
  • 1 soothing hand cream
  • 1 disposal bag for during and end of your trip



Can I reuse any items in the travel kit after my journey?

Yes, you can reuse the hand sanitizer and hand cream. Seat covers, face masks, wipes and gloves are designed for single purpose use only.


Are these items made to safety standards?

Yes, we have created products that we would be happy to use ourselves.

Our seat covers, face masks and gloves are made using quality materials for superior protection. Our wet wipes and sanitizers contain a high-alcohol content making them a powerful disinfectant on the go.


Are any of the products good for the environment?

Just like you, we are currently embarking on a journey around sustainability to investigate how we can make our products the best they can be for the environment, the community and those on the go. We hope you will continue to see us as your important travel partner as our products evolve.


Can I buy refills for the next time I travel?

Currently no, though, watch this space. As the world quickly changes, so will we. Let’s make it easier for your next journey to be a safe one.


What does SaniGo mean?

Glad you asked. SaniGo means Sanitized to Go. Our mission is to help make the world feel bigger and safer again.


How should I use my kit on the go?

You can improve your protection in a matter of seconds. First, put on your gloves and mask. Make sure your mask fits firmly underneath the chin for protection.

Next, fit the seat cover over the top of the chair. Fold excess fabric into the fold of the seat. Then pull out the sides to wrap around the edges of seat.

Use a wipe on the arm rests – top and bottom. If you have a tray table, then use another wet wipe to clean it, including the lever release.


What other precautions should I take?

In addition to using your kit, there are some other measures you can take for safe travel on the go:

  • Try to book a window seat. It decreases the chances of with fellow passengers.
  • If you do need to access the bathrooms, keep your mask on and carry wet wipes for disinfecting on the go.
  • Maintain protective measures before and after you travel. Terminals and drop-off zones can carry a greater risk of infection.