SaniGo™ Story


Never have we been forced to say goodbye to our love for such a long time. 

For months, we have all been aching. 

To hug our parents and our children tight. 

To catch up with friends in our favourite bar, laughing and crying for hours.

To finally taste that meal you always end up ordering at that incredible restaurant.

To broaden horizons again, to catch that wave, even to get back to work.

Yes, you’ve kept in touch through texts and videocalls. Zoom, Instagram, and WhatsApp have kept you near. But you’ve realised more and more, there’s nothing like the real thing. 


The moment is almost here. 

The anticipation is hard to control.

Excitement flowing through your veins. 

But it is a little daunting stepping out in the real world again. 

You’re writing history here, it’s one of those ‘firsts’ you’ll never forget.

We'll be there every step of the way, to love, reunited.